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After many years in the Telematics industry, we’re very involved in extensively testing new hardware to find unique solutions for every aspect of the Telematics market. We use an extremely rigorous certification process on every device to make sure the equipment and accessories you buy deliver the correct solution!.From a simple basic tracking unit until the most complex solutions in the telematics industry we have the devices and accessories you are looking for.

Our core values are driven by a desire to improve telematics services, achieve technical excellence, operate with the highest standards of integrity, expand access to our products and employ a diverse workforce that values collaboration.

What We Do

Branding, expertise and technology development worked with passion and a close attention to detail.
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    BrandingWe understand that effectiveness in the telematics industry is dependent on the strength of the brand, line-synergy and functionality. We're committed to connecting you to the best brands tested in the market. From a vast array of updated equipment to a superior level of service, we uphold your brand image and integrity.
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    ExpertiseWe offer an unmatched combination of experience, analyst and expertise. Our diverse team of professional thought leaders, subject matter experts, analysts and consultants continually advance telematics solutions and capabilities to meet your challenges. What sets us apart is our deep level of experience, which gives us the ability to rapidly deploy any solutions and deliver measurable results.
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    Technology DevelopmentFor many years, we have partnered with many gps factories, high tech companies, fuel sensor providers, and many other product providers in telematics arena to bring a new product to market. Our holistic approach to business process paired with scalable operations allows us to tailor solutions to the specific needs of the customer and its beneficiaries, even on an international scale. We approach our work with a fundamental goal in mind to make a meaningful impact in the telematics arena.

Our Process

We Talk

We listen to our customers and providers, this tells us all we need to know to recommend you with the right device or develop and implement the right products and services to your customer.ful impact in the telematics arena.

We Think

Our skill consists of thinking critically, identifying the problem, look at it from different angles, work outside the box, do some brainstorming with our team and come with several possible solutions, at the end we can recommend to you which solutions fits your needs and best action to take.

We Create

We create long lasting solutions for the end users and our partners and match them to their needs. Our portfolio consists of high quality products with powerful brands the telematics industry.

We Deliver

Our services and product can help you to take you telematics business to another level, we have the best prices in the market and overall the knowledge to help you to deliver the best solutions for your customers.

Our Line Of Products. Unique devices and support

When you buy products from Turnkey Trading you are not only buying a product but also our years of experience and free technical support at no additional cost.

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Why Choose Us?

Put simply, if you want a provider who cares about your business, Turnkey Trading is your right choice. We strive to offer the best device brands and solutions for your business and impartial advice at an honest price. We are constantly investigating new technologies and recommend them when they make sense.

Our thoughtful team of knowledgeable experts are here to take care of every need, from the second you contact us to when you return.




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GPS Software

White Label GPS Tracking Software All-in one solutions for all your business needs. With more than 500+ device model and exclusive accessories.
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the best M2M coverage worlwide!

We provide true global data connectivity services for Machine to Machine (M2M), enterprises and resellers of data connectivity worldwide.ntact us to when you return.

We offer true global connectivity with our multi-carrier SIMs, with high-quality integration solutions for customers from all industries. You do not have to worry about coverage anymore, our services is the only one multi-carrier services that warrantee you customer never will lose a sight of their fleet. We offer the best natively-provisioned global connectivity in the market place, including GSM, CDMA and Satellite services. When you receive services from Turnkey Trading, you’re guaranteed.

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We just selectect "A" player suppliers

Our mission is to be our customers’ trusted resource for indirect products and services. Turnkey Trading is committed to reducing hardware and service costs through its trade association our unique portfolio of negotiated, highly leveraged agreements with the worlds most renowned suppliers.

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DriverLog - The most complete HOS solution compliant with the ELD mandate, fully integrated with DVIR.


DriverLog is the industry's simplest to operate, most flexible to implement and most affordable E-Log solution fully compliant with FMCSA final ruling and Canadian DOT ruling for HOS, fully integrated with DVIR.

DriverLog is made up of two components: The mobile application that can be installed on any Android device and the web based DriverLog server that is easy to adopt and integrate into your current operation.

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